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Information / How to use This utility converts Excel (xls/xlsx) transaction lists from the following banks into YNAB format: How to use:
  1. Download transaction lists in Excel format in Internet solution of banks/credit card companies
  2. Click "Choose file" and select downloaded transaction list
  3. Check "Include previous month" if you want to include previous months transactions in converted file. Otherwise only current month's data will be included in converted file.
  4. Click "Convert file". The transaction list file will now be uploaded and converted to a CSV file that is downloaded and can be imported into YNAB.
  5. Log into YNAB and use the "Import" link in the account view to import the transactions from the converted CSV file.

Personal data:
The site does not store any of the uploaded information - just converts the file in memory and returns the CSV version "on the fly".

This web site and conversion utility is provided "as is" and is not guaranteed to be without errors.

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